Models for museum

Models for museum

The second group of models are the museum ones.

In order to achieve the best results, in respect of scale prototype design, we chose 1/18th scale. This range of models attempts to depict a complete history of military aviation and we cover almost 100 years of aviation.In the main, these models are made from fibreglass and resin using the “female” type process and this allows for repeated use.The moulds and models are designed and made with strict accuracy in mind and the highest manufacturing quality requirements.Our team of highly motivated and skilled artists and craftsmen carefully reproduce these scale models.

The technology we use, allows for a complete and bespoke choice in colour, livery markings, equipment and weapons loads.Despite the word “museum”, the majority of our models have now found their way into the hands of private collectors the world over. Japan is clearly leading the field as it is here that the largest collections are located, each numbering many dozens of our models.

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