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Our first group of models was primarily based on offering the most true-to-scale models of glider and sports type aircraft the like used by our colleagues from the flying community - aero clubs, FBOs, Special Interest Groups and the like.

We still use the ever popular 1/25th scale which allows us to produce museum quality, meticulously detailed scale models whilst also being collectable and capable of being displayed openly in regular sized homes. It goes without saying that the model is hand-finished to depict the actual livery of the aircrafts owner and / or pilot.

We have regular customers who are in the process of building their own collections. Some already own very large collections depicting aircraft they have owned or previously flown.

We have already amassed some 200 moulds ready to depict aircraft from this category. In fact, we could already recreate our own model sized aero club or flight school. As we have already proven, we can (and already have) map and represented the historical and developmental progress of various manufacturers for museum and display purposes.

Of course, we can and do produce models as gifts or for promotional and advertising purposes.

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